Young Ambitious & Beautiful Uplifts Women Entrepreneurs

By Yvelette Stines on December 4th, 2015 / Comments

It was three peers from Michigan State University that traveled the same circles not realizing that they had the same vision and passion to help other entrepreneurs. Lauren Bealore, Courtney Griffin, and Brittany Colston founded  Young Ambitious and Beautiful  (Y.A.B) a women’s business organization that operates as a conglomerate with a strong focus on business, entrepreneurship, community engagement, mentorship, and personal development.

Y.A.B.  launched in 2012 in Detroit, and grew from there.

“In our beginning stages, we were heavily based on social media. It gave us leverage because we were genuinely promoting businesses and their events. People didn’t know we were putting their names out there and they started to take notice. This is how we began our following,” says Brittany Colston. From there people started to connect, become members, and collaborate with the organization.

Each founder focuses on a different aspect of the organization but collectively they come together with the ultimate goal to support, uplift, and encourage women of color.

YAB Founders Courtney Griffin, Lauren Bealore, and Brittany Colston.


“We all have our own individual passions and things that motivate us. Lauren is business and entrepreneurship, Brittany is personal development, and mine is community development,” explains Courtney.

The organization works with twenty-five different businesses from state to state, providing their professional services, and has begun work inspiring women still in school.

“With the girls we really want them to understand they can go above and beyond regardless of their circumstances or what statistics say,” Courtney continues.

The organization has a lot of exciting things planned for next year. In January Y.A.B. will celebrate their four year anniversary, an event you can join in on January 8th at Bamboo Detroit. Their events bring hundreds of women together, supporting and spotlighting women entrepreneurs.

“We are also hosting an event centered around the food industry using recipes to revitalize Detroit,” says Lauren. The organization will continue their work with Chicago Public Schools hosting their second annual SPARK event. This is a one day conference in May that serves as a motivational and information event for the girls before they leave for college.

With all three women deeply engaged in supporting and promoting entrepreneurs, they are excited to see the business development in Detroit. They also encourage anyone who wants to go into entrepreneurship to do their homework. Collectively the ladies advise others to “to do your research, it is important to educate yourself. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and use it as a push.” They also encourage a healthy amount of self-care and to “carry out your dream and not someone else’s.”

The women of Y.A.B. focus on helping and supporting one another. Our motto is: “lift as we climb. We are here to uplift and bring women together to support each other, and the younger girls we work with too.”

Learn more about Y.A.B’s support for women of color. 

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