Would You Click and Shop Through Video? This Startup Thinks So

By Amanda Lewan on April 18th, 2014 / Comments

The online world of content can be noisy sometimes, but one startup is making it more enjoyable again.

The startup Clicktivated launched in Michigan last year and is making a name for themselves in the online advertising world. While you watch any video, you can click on items you like and order right away. It sure makes video a bit more engaging for the user.

WATCH Vice Media 2014 video  that was “clicktivated.”  You can self-select any of the products that appear in the video, like the graphic example below.


clicktivated sample

The Michigan based company recently $250,000 in seed investment from Incwell, and is now expanding to NYC too.  They started with a vision to allow technology to better empower brands and content creators in the most unobtrusive way.

“Clicktivated allows the viewers to self-select anything of interest that appears in the video,” said Ben Hatala, Director of Operations. “We don’t use indicators, popups or anything else intrusive.”

According to Ben, a recent video of theirs showed a 7%  conversion to purchase rate. Not to shabby for those selling through content online. Ben also sees a huge paradigm shift in the way online video content is produced and consumed. Traditional media interrupts, and pre-roll ads on video do too. Content serves and engages and audience online and it seems Clicktivated helps enhance this experience.

“People don’t like being sold to,” said Ben. “Clicktivated is the medium that allows viewer and content creators to mutually benefit and both consume and produce content in harmony.”

Ben says their service can be great for local startups looking to enhance the user experience online.

“The technology allows videos to quickly launch with our interactive technology, go viral and provide companies an opportunity to further monetization of their content supplying additional revenue,” said Ben.

The team will be expanding to a New York City location, where they can join some of the worlds largest brands and advertising agencies. Learn more about Clicktivated online at clicktivated.com.

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