Wisely Is A Wise App For Your Wallet

By Amanda Lewan on December 20th, 2013 / Comments

They say that money talks, but probably not in this way. Wisely, a new app launched out of Ann Arbor, has created a way for you to see the story your money leaves behind.

What does that mean? First you’ll be able to track your spending and use any of your rewards cards easier, but the unique perk of Wisely is seeing your spending information and other people’s data through the app.

A review may tell you what someone liked, but this app shows you and backs it up with numbers.

“Everyday, consumers vote with their wallets. Imagine if you could find great, new places, based on overlaying your purchase graph with others that spend money at similar places,” said Co-founder Mike Vichich. “Netflix and Amazon do this in a digital sense, but nothing like it exists for physical purchases.  Wisely will improve the way people shop, travel, invest, and live.”

You can make decisions based off of this information and track your own purchases through the app. Co-Founder Mike Vichich has been working in mobile apps for a few years now, launching a past program called Develop Detroit to help spur mobile app development in Michigan.

His advice for others in the mobile app world: “Work on a big problem.  Go after consumers who know (or can be easily informed) about their problem.  Make an age old desire easier and faster; don’t try to change behavior.”

Based in Ann Arbor Michigan, Wisely has been voted one of the top apps in Apple’s app store (next to Angry Birds and Instagram). They’ve received great feedback so far. Check out the video on Wisely and their website for more information.

Could money spent be more convincing than a Yelp review? What do you think?

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