What Startups Can Learn from Big Brands

By Amanda Lewan on March 18th, 2014 / Comments

This month’s popular Fifty Founders event will feature the founders of TMV Group, Scott Thorton and Bill Morden, at Bamboo Detroit on Thursday, March 27th. The two have phenomenal success in creative and strategic advertising, as well as starting their own venture.

Scott and Bill.

Startups can learn how to really craft a stellar campaign from big brands, as well as utilizing more cost effective tools. Advertising has changed with digital marketing and social networking tools making it easier for an entrepreneur to share their brand. Easy is good, but strategy is still necessary.

Bill Morden has headed some of the top ad agencies creative departments around including J.Walter Thompason, Leo Burnett, and Campbell-Ewald, while receiving dozens of awards. So, we asked him what can startups learn from top brand campaigns?

“Big brands were all small brands at one time, just like your startup. Startups can learn that promoting that brand on a smaller scale also pays big dividends,” said Bill. “Look at how the big guys’ campaigns differ. What they focus on, their products or their customers…what they’re selling versus what their providing. Keep a sharp eye out for what hits you emotionally, that’s where the magic is.”

Scott also has tremendous experience in the ad world, and a tip on what entrepreneurs can do to grow their startup significantly.

“As Ted Turner used to say –  ‘Early  to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise,” said Scott. “That’s good advice for any entrepreneur but remember that everything you say, do support, comment on, the clients you have, the space you occupy and even your behavior on Friday night is advertising in today’s marketing.”

Scott also says that there is a “stair step in advertising” today for your startup. You can start with word of mouth growth, and your digital presence. Still, it’s vital to understand where your customers intersect with your products and services and “be there when they are.”

Tickets for Fifty Founders include pizza and a great talk with these two founders. Come network with other creatives, founders, and professionals, while learning from some of the best minds in Detroit’s ad world.

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Fifty Founders is a monthly, ongoing series of conversations with some of the world’s most successful and interesting people. Attending Fifty Founders is the best place to learn from the challenges, failures, and successes of top practitioners and leading thought leaders. Detroit is the first chapter, but more will be added soon. Past guests include Brian Wong (Kiip), Kevin Krease & Garret Koehler (Assemble Detroit), Ryan Blair (ViSalus & NY Times bestselling author), and Tom LaSorda (Former Chrysler CEO).

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