What happens when Pinterest meets Groupon? PushPic Shows Us

By Amanda Lewan on January 7th, 2015 / Comments

Lance Beaudry, Co-founder of PushPic describes the app as a hybrid of Pinterest and Groupon, the result is an app that allows users to better discover content and the local businesses behind the deals.

Beaudry works with a team all around the world, with a co-founder in Dubai, Tel Aviv, and Munich, but all are motivated by the same sense of discovery. They want users to find and support businesses they love around them. In Tel Aviv small businesses are already actively creating their deals to an engaged following.

You can subscribe to the businesses you want to follow and receive a push notification when they have new content and you are nearby. Users can see what’s around them in real time and what’s being offered. As a small business, you’re much more in control of the deal than the often high risk of 40%-50% or more enforced by Groupon.

“The app looks and functions similarly to the Facebook business app making it easy to create and push content,” said Beaudry. “The difference between us and Groupon is that Groupon is a service not a platform. Businesses usually have to call and talk to someone to setup a deal, but they have more control with us.”

The company has a quick verification for businesses who want to participate and it is free to use for now.  Currently, the app has 3,000 users and growing. You can download it now on for free on iPhone or Android.

Check it out today or sign up if you’re a small business owner looking to build a following.


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