U of M to Host Largest Hackathon in the Midwest

By Amanda Lewan on January 23rd, 2013 / Comments

Join students from across the Midwest for one large Hackathon hosted right here in Michigan.

On February 1-3 at the University of Michigan, MHacks will bring student programmers to their campus at the Palmer Commons building. For 36 hours students will join teams in order to build web and mobile applications. Over $10,000 in awards will be given out to student developers.

All “hackers,” or software engineer students, are welcome to join the over 400 expected programmers. University of Michigan students claim they find it an inspiring environment for exploring the field of computer programming.

“Hackathons inspired me to learn coding. In the fall I attended a nonprofit hackathon to help build websites for local nonprofits in Ann Arbor. It was amazing to see the large impact we had in such a short period of time,” said Daniel Friedman, a University of Michigan senior studying Business and Entrepreneurship. “Since then, I have spent a great deal of time to learn coding so I can make a positive impact again.”

“A year ago I didn’t even know how to code.  A month ago, I was sitting in Palo Alto talking to Mark Zuckerberg about Batman. It’s crazy how quickly hackathons have helped me find and explore my very new found passion in Computer Science in ways I never could have imagined,” said Sophomore David Fontenot.

About MHacks

MHacks is a group collaboration by University of Michigan student groups Michigan Hackers
and MPowered Entrepreneurship. The leaders of MHacks are Daniel Friedman (BBA 2013),
David Fontenot (CSE 2015), Thomas Erdmann (CSE 2015) and Santosh Mohan (CSE 2016).
For more information, please visit http://mhacks.org/.

As 2013 is the year of the Startup, many entrepreneurs with an interest in tech may want to attend and explore their ability to create and innovate.

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