Two Weeks to Apply Smart City Challenge

By Amanda Lewan on July 15th, 2016 / Comments

Imagine a morning commute with alerts of potholes or data that tells you the best parking spots? Those are the kind of smart city ideas that the NextChallenge: Smart Cities, a global competition challenging innovators to find hardware and software technology solutions addressing life in urban ares.

“Urban populations are on the rise, which is leading to challenges related to safety, mobility, emissions, accessibility, and congestion,” said Jean Redfield, president and CEO, NextEnergy. “This challenge is designed to identify new innovations to address those issues, with added benefits of identifying technology opportunities that can create new business models and drive economic development.”

NextEnergy, one of the United States’ leading accelerators of advanced energy and transportation technologies, DENSO, DTE Energy and Wells Fargo are coming together to challenge technology providers – both at the individual innovator and organization level. Categories for ideas should address: smart parking, smart transportation, smart infrastructure, and smart buildings. Your idea should also showcase connected, interactive, and data driven ways to make places more efficient.

Winners will receive $80,000 in grant funding to demonstrate their solution in Midtown, Detroit at the NextEnergy center. Four more finalists can receive up to $20,000 in awards. Funding is supported by Wells Fargo.

Make sure to get your proposals in by midnight on July 28th, and apply online here.

Semi-finalists will be selected and asked to submit a full proposal by October 4th, 2916, with awards announced in January 2017. Good luck if you’re applying and make sure to follow more smart city and tech grants and challenges from NextEnergy.

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