Two Productivity Tips from Entrepreneur Lara Galloway

By Amanda Lewan on October 21st, 2014 / Comments

Lara Galloway is the definition of a stellar Michigan Entrepreneur. Co-founder of Mom Biz coaching and consulting, she’s been a champion for entrepreneurs all over the world.

Lara has built up an active following online, where she first connected with her audience. Her company has now grown to provide an array of services and events geared towards supporting and strengthening mom entrepreneurs, but her advice and services can be applied to any entrepreneurs. moms mean business

Lara shared with us a few tips found in her recently published book: “Moms Mean Business: A Guide to Creating a Successful Company and Happy Life as a Mom Entrepreneur.” Co-Authored along with Erin Baebler, the book is a guide for those who need balance in their lives.

“The book is for anybody who wants to put their priorities back in place when it comes to defining success in business,” said Lara. “It’s for anyone who wants to have a better balance in their life. It’s meant for a wide audience of people.”

So, how can you get on track towards a more balanced and entrepreneurial life? You need to get organized and more productive. Start by taking a closer look at how you work best, and how you can plan your time. The following are two hacks Lara offers to any business owner.

Chunk Your Work. Lara always asks others the question: How long are you able to stay on task with anything? Whether it’s doing yard work or funneling through marketing calls, there’s only a set amount of time most people can really focus. For Lara, she likes to get in depth in her work by focusing in two hour chunks while others prefer twenty minutes.

“A lot of us haven’t actually considered our time and how to schedule our work this way,” said Lara. “The bottom line is to learn what chunk of time you can stay uber productive and start chunking your days into it.”

Map Your Work. Once you understand how to best use your time, you need to map it. Mapping your project lets you see over a longer period of time everything that goes into the work. It’s a basic project management technique, but one that can really help. A project has dozens of tasks and you need to be able to set it up with actionable tasks and milestones over time.

“It’s a basic project management technique, but you’ll be so much more productive if you can see how you’re managing time,” said Lara.

Along with these two tips the book offers a variety tools, checklists, and solutions for managing a growing business and balanced life.

The book is on sale today, and has already been featured in to podcasts and publications including Inc Magazine. If you’re looking for more guidance we recommend checking it out or coming on down to her next workshop at Bamboo Detroit on November 13th to learn how to Take Back Your Time.

What productivity hacks help you most?

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