Turtle Cell Phone Cases Help Untangle Your Headphones

By Ron Gilbert on June 27th, 2014 / Comments

“Untangle Your Life” is the mantra behind the makers of Turtle Cell, a protective smartphone case featuring first of its kind built in retractable headphones.  The cases are now available for pre-ordering and made right here in Michigan.

The Ann-Arbor-based startup was started by two recent Wolverine grads, Paul Schrems and Nick Turnbull, and a Spartan Grad, Jeremy Lindlbauer, an admirable display of “across enemy lines” collegiality. One day, while an engineering student at U of M, Mr. Schrems was rushing between classes and spent several frustrating minutes struggling to get his headphones out, to provide some much-needed musical solace. Schrems’ frustration screamed for a solution and the idea for Turtle Cell was born. Mr. Schrems enlisted fellow Wolverine engineering student Mr. Turnbull, who then enlisted lifelong friend, Mr. Lindlbauer, to round out Team Turtle Cell.

The Turtle Cell trio has displayed tenacity and focus throughout the course of 35 pre-launch product iterations. Valuable feedback received during an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign led to its current 36th rendition that you see in our photo above.

“The Turtle Cell headphones are awesome.  We knew that we needed premium headphones to make our product a success,” said Mr. Lindlbauer, Director of Sales and Marketing at Turtle Cell. “We think that our users will really enjoy what they hear.”

Turtle Cell has thus far secured $250,000 in seed funding from six Michigan angel investors, after strong showings in various business pitch competitions, as well as the esteemed Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas. They are now also partnered with Digital Treasures, an Auburn Hills-based mobile accessories manufacturer to help make the product.

Together they have secured over 100,000 units ordered from national retailers and the cases will be carried in over 6,000 retail establishments. Turtle Cell cases come in four colors:  Black, Grey, Aqua, and Red.  They are currently available for Iphone 5 and Iphone 5S, with an upcoming version for Samsung Galaxy S5.  The cases will retail for $49.95 but can be pre-ordered now for $39.95 at www.turtlecell.com.

With its elegant, push-button simplicity, lightweight design, and high sound quality, Turtle Cell appears poised for a strong, untangled launch in October 2014.

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