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By Amanda Lewan on July 10th, 2014 / Comments

In our digital world it’s hard to believe we still have print businesses cards.

Typically, most of us follow up with an email or a phone call. Or, we throw the cards away. Co-Founder of Spincard Anthony Montalbano says that 88% of all business cards are thrown out after the first week. His startup is aiming to change this, by embracing the disposal side of business cards.

The startup provides an easy way to have both fancy print card and easy digital option on hand at all times. The company’s goal is to make all types of this daily interaction easier. Their mobile app and new “disposable” print cards definitely help.

“The whole point of Spincard is to find a better way to network and meet with people,” says Anthony. “When you meet with someone and you want to follow up afterwards, the problem is you don’t know what to do next. We created a better solution.”

Users create a profile on Spincard that gives them a six digit identification like a “Bitly” for your profile. Why is this better than using a QR code or other type of app out there? The spin code can be sent in email, text message, and any other way. It’s always updated with the most accurate information so you never skip a beat. You enter the code in the app and are always updated.

Just recently they’ve announced a print Spincard option too, so you can share your Spincard but encourage a direct connect afterwards.

“There’s still something special about a physical business card. It so instilled in our culture, and its’ hard to say were going to replace this with technology, ” says Anthony. “So we realized that and we know that we have to have something that works both with the print digital card.”

You can hand out your Spincard with the code that can be entered in the app. That new client or customer instantly has all of your latest information and connects with you there. It could be a better way to stay connected.

A physical spincard.
A physical spincard.

“We’re really excited about the physical cards. It’s a fun refresh on the current business card,” he says. “The reception has been really good so far and following up afterwards is working well.”

Spincard was started about six months ago. The company is based in Detroit with a founding team member in Grand Rapids. You can try out the free Spincard app now available for both iPhone and Android. About 1,000 users have downloaded it so far. Anthony’s team also runs Ambr Detroit, a popular web development shop for startups in the area.

What a a fun refresh on the current business card. Anthony is a great local entrepreneur who recently received the spirit of entrepreneurship award from GLEQ. We can’ t wait to watch this startup continue to grow.

Are you on Spincard yet? Try it out and let us know what you think.

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