Treps Nest Kicks Off Free Entrepreneur Summer Training

By Amanda Lewan on April 24th, 2015 / Comments

A brand new program kicks off a summer of free entrepreneurial classes beginning next week. Treps Nest is a program designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, especially for those just about to make the leap.

The Treps Nest training for entrepreneurs specifically focuses on the mindset and the behavioral patterns necessary to learn in order to be a successful entrepreneur. Local entrepreneur Michael Melfi is spearheading the series in Detroit. The curriculum was developed with the experienced world-renowned training company, Envision U.

“Treps Nest was created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We learned how to overcome the obstacles that every entrepreneur faces, and found that the key is the right habits and mindset,” said Melfi. “You can learn ‘what’ to do almost anywhere, it’s the learning how to perceive and work through the limitations of the mind and our ingrained habits, that is the key to success.”

The firs free class kicks off next Monday, 6-8pm at Bamboo Detroit. Below are the dates for this summer series.

  • April: Identity & 7 Obstacles (4/17)
  • May: Entrepreneur vs. Entrepreneurialism (5/26)
  • June: habits & mindset (6/18)
  • July: Hocus Focus (7/16)
  • August: Entrepreneur Culture (8/18)
  • September: TBD

The Treps Nest program also comes with a 45 Day Challenge ® Entrepreneur Curriculum that focuses on those areas that are critical to an entrepreneur’s development and ultimate success. These include; Legal, Sales, Human Resources, Financial, Technology, Valuation, Marketing, Leadership and Fundraising. Learn more about Treps Nest here.

The program was developed with the help of Envision U, a company with over 15 years of experience and with over 250,000 individuals going through their 45 Day Challenge® conditioning program.  Envision U has also worked with Forbes 500 companies such as Quicken Loans, ABC, Zappos, Honeywell, Terex and many more to create custom training for growth oriented cultures including sustainable systems thinking processes, leadership training, on-boarding and company wide ISMs.

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