Top 10 Most Entertaining and Notable #Detroit Blogs

By Amanda Lewan on July 10th, 2012 / Comments

Locals always know the best hole in the wall places to eat or where the best hangouts are.

Whether you’re into food, fitness, or technology, getting in touch with local Detroit blogs can keep you informed and inspired about our great city.

If you live in or just love Detroit, then you’ll want to check out this list of our favorite Detroit blogs:

Top 10 Detroit Blogs to Follow

  1. Positive Detroit — We need more positive, inspirational stories.  This is the place to go for everything positive Detroit.
  2. Detroit Moxie — The go to blog for what’s going on in Detroit.  Keep up with Detroit events by following Moxie’s weekly roundup.
  3. Detroit 143 — A unique combination of journalism and small business marketing for Detroit.
  4. The Twisted Onion— Who doesn’t want to peel back the layers of Metro Detroit’s food scene? This is a great site for any foodies out there.  Learn what’s going on in Detroit and where the best places to eat are.  The blog also offers great recipes and how to cooking videos.
  5. Deadline Detroit-– The edgier news site for Detroit.  This is a great place to catch a roundup of Detroit stories, and those stories that sometimes get left out by larger news sites.  If you like fun facts about our city, check out the Detroit stats posted in their Data Dashboard.
  6. Detroit, je t’aime — Relatively new to the Detroit blogging scene, these two Frenchies give a different perspective of the city of Detroit.  So far they tend to cover Detroit businesses.
  7. The Detroit Regional News Hub — Detroit really is all about the people.  This blog gives you an inside look at who’s doing great things around the city, and also addresses some of the issues either prevalent or distorted in the media.
  8. Grow Detroit — Interested in innovation and start ups in Detroit? Check out Grow Detroit and their Michigan Startup List.
  9. Fail Detroit — Because we all fail, but we all learn from our mistakes.  This blog features stories from local entrepreneurs and professionals, highlighting what they learned from experience.   Their motto: “It’s not how you start, but how you finish.”  Keep an eye out for their fail story every Tuesday and Friday.
  10. Storytelling and Social Media — A look at storytelling in social media, with a dash of humor from a Detroit writer.  Check out the snarky social media posts every Wednesday or Thursday.

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