Three Tips for Blogging Better in Today’s Noisy World

By Amanda Lewan on September 16th, 2014 / Comments

Today, it’s easier than ever to start your business.

Digital tools are constantly available to manage our teams remotely, hire freelance talent, pitch ideas and reach investors. Sometimes the simpliest tools can make a difference. Blogging is one of these tools.

As a founder or creative you can tell your own story. You can create a video, write a blog post, share stories with your audience, and continue to grow while marketing yourself. It’s not always easy and it takes time and skill to build up your following.

Many business owners and creatives have approached us to ask for help with their blog. Here’s a few tips we have to share from blogging for almost two years now.

1. Develop your voice first. Whether you’re writing as a founder or a business, you have to determine your voice. It comes with practice. Do you want to write as a friend? As a professional consultant? Get goofy and let some humor in? Make a decision and write with your target audience in mind. The most important aspect is to be authentic and true to your audience and yourself. People love authenticy. Just see Entrepreneur and Investor James Althucher’s blog for a great example.

2. Create themes. Your blog and overall marketing should fall into larger themes that resonate easily with your target audience. If you’re a technology company are you making life easier for your customers? If you’re a social entrepreneur are you re-inspiring an industry? What do you stand for and what storytelling themes can you use to tell this story? Michipreneur believes in entrepreneurship and the history of our state as great makers. Our story is a part of the history and working class culture that many in Michigan readers associate with.

3. Be consistant. Consistancy is the pulse of your brand. It’s how your customer feels every time they interact with you online, in person, and it’s what they recognize when making a purchase. You can’t create a following or garuntee published pieces if you’re not learning to consistantly write and create. Get on a schedule and stay consistant.

Are you considering a blog? Join us at the end of the month for an upcoming blogging workshop. We’ll go over creative processes, tips and strategies for growing an audience, and how this can utlimately help your brand grow.

Those who can’t make it feel free to email us and we’ll offer a digital version if there’s enough interest.

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