This Startup Helps Hunters and Fishers Forecast Better Results

By Amanda Lewan on May 12th, 2014 / Comments

What if there was a better way to predict the best times and places to hunt? To send you a notification when fish are out biting in your lake? This Michigan made app may have a smarter solution for hunters and fishers.

Sportsman Tracker uses advanced prediction algorithm to help identify and predict wildlife movement. The app recently receive $100,000 in investment from Start Garden in Grand Rapids to help scale and grow both their hunting and fishing tools.

How can they help you with better results? Founder Jeff Courter of Sportsman Tracker says Hunt Predictor works by taking seven different weather variables and determining a forecast for the location you type in.

“It gives you a rating on which day and time you’d like to go hunting,” says Jeff. “Overall we’ve seen that scientifically this will be more accurate, basing predictions on weather patterns and when animals move.”

The idea started with a question every hunter faces: where is the best location to go hunting today? After driving around one morning for hours, Jeff decided to start building the foundation for what would eventually lead to Sportsman Tracker’s hunting mobile apps.

The Fish Predictor app was released recently, showing growth even in the down season this past winter. This app predicts the best times to head out to your fishing hole based on sun and moon patterns.

“We’re really excited. We’re getting great feedback and hearing from users all across the United States finding it works well,” said Jeff.

Both Hunt Predictor and Fish Predictor are currently available for free in the iTunes App store and Google Android Market. With over 80,000 user accounts and an estimated 150 downloads per day, the startup is seeing fast growth. Start Garden sees an opportunity to continue to help them scale and monetize the app.

“Hunters and anglers spend millions of dollars every year to outfit themselves, but knowing when and where the animals are, is really the most sought-after tool,” said Mike Morin, portfolio manager for Start Garden. “The Sportsman Tracker tools are aggregating a significant amount of data about their users to create a simple prediction. We believe they can be the digital backbone of the hunting and fishing industry and are eager to invest further.”

Jeff says when they reach a critical mass they will introduce advertising to their user base. They’ll also continue to refine features along the way.

Going fishing this summer? Make sure you try out the app and share with Sportsman Tracker how it works for you.

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