The Powerful Women’s Conference Creates Empowerment

By Yvelette Stines on June 30th, 2016 / Comments

The Powerful Women’s Conference brought women from all over the world together in the name of support and sisterhood. Founded by Meagan Ward, the conference was designed with the powerful woman in mind. It is also a celebration of womanhood and functions as a supportive network and community beyond the conference.

This miraculous event took place at The Henry Autograph Collection in Dearborn, Michigan on June 25 and 26th. If that view of elegance and perfection wasn’t enough, the décor of the event was thoroughly thought out and coordinated with a divine eye. As attendees noshed on breakfast, networking, fellowship, reunions, and new friendships were instantly created.

The conference covered topics such as living authentically, legal specifics for your business, wellness, financial literacy, brand empowerment, a panel discussion on womanhood, business, success and balancing it all, and more. Attendees received personal headshots, bags with products, fitness and yoga classes, and 100+ amazing women that are now considered sisters.

When first-time attendees walked in they were expecting to learn, meet people, and leave with some takeaways to apply to their life and business. What they encountered was a life changing experience that enhanced their network, clarity, focus, and left motivated and more powerful than they realized.

For Rosann Santos, a higher education administrator from New York, her expectations were to develop a network and she found so much more.

“I am a first-time attendee. This weekend exceeded my expectations 150%. This was so inspirational to come all the way to Detroit and learn from these young women and realize it is not too late to channel my own power,” she said.powerfulwomen2

“Overall when women support women incredible and dope things happen,” said Kandia Johnson communication strategist and writer. Johnson also participated at the conference as a panelist. She was blown away with the event as a participant and attendee.

“The extra level of care they gave the speakers, everything from the coordination, travel, and logistics was wonderful. There was an amazing synergy of sisterhood throughout the weekend,” she says.

There were many takeaways both generally and personal.  For photographer Alexis Townsend, she found a new sense of hope.

“This conference motivated me so much. I found a bit of frustration in the industry because it is so male dominated. This weekend inspired me to keep going,” she said.

The electric energy, support, love, and creativity  that surrounded the weekend was one that the attendees will never forget.

“This conference released any inkling of complacency. It really helped attendees to get ready and be powerful. It also reminds you to never settle and keep chasing your dreams,” says Ashley Lee, Associate Attorney at Kendra Law Firm.

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