The Power of Retreats for Your Business

By Mayra Monroy on February 24th, 2016 / Comments

Empowerment begins from within and with it come skills entrepreneurs should possess. For Nicole Zaagman, founder of LUX CHIX, inner confidence and her holistic lifestyle directly translate to how she does business. This is the foundation for empowering other entrepreneurs in Michigan and the focus her branding company takes to help her clients become successful.

This year is full of opportunities for other West Michigan based entrepreneurs to tap into their own inner guidance. Zaagman has partnered with Mindy Hills, founder of Radiant Spiritual Insight, for a series of special retreats. Together, they formed OASIS retreats & workshops, geared towards helping attendees gain awareness for their life vision.

Founded by Mindy Hills, Radiant Spiritual Insight assists clients in finding a clearer and spiritual connection to their work and transitions in their life. With collaboration with Zaagman, Oasis Retreats & Workshops aims to serve entrepreneurs, other professionals, and community members that “seek insight for their life vision.” The collaboration not only showcases the important skills of both Zaagman and Hills, but a chance to create a welcoming and successful environment for passionate entrepreneurs and professionals.

Why go on a retreat for your business? A day with OASIS provides an opportunity for insight, awareness and reflection in order to strategically envision and take action on your short and long-term goals.

The first LUX CHIX retreat for this year was called Spark “Ignite Your Light,” and took place on February 11th. The retreat revolved around eight pillars that aim to focus guests into tuning their “inner guidance” and to “let go of beliefs that no longer serve you & gain awareness of God’s vision for your prosperous future.”

Featured speakers included childhood and family therapist Betsy Love and Spiritual Artist and Designer Keith Schwanz. Love, a Michigan native and licensed therapist used Restoration Therapy techniques to lay the foundation of moving towards cultivating successful relationships based on equal parts of love and trust. Schwanz, a world-traveling artist and designer, focused his topics on helping attendees express creativity by acknowledging their unique artistic divinity.

The eight pillars that form the retreat are rooted in the spiritual and holistic value of living a purpose-driven life and business. The eight pillars, Childhood Conditioning; Faith & Foundation; Trials & Transformation; Feminine & Fabulous; Magnificent & Masculine; Design & Dream; Ask & Align; and Peace & Prosperity, are centralized on self exploration and discussion, as is expected when registered members attend the retreat.

Testimonials from the event included things such as this quote from an attendee, “Stepped out in faith and made a decision yesterday that I will put my faith in God and trust that He has a plan for me, my family and my company.”

The eight pillars drive each of the four anticipated retreats for Oasis, individualized to each theme. The next OASIS retreat is “Essence + Valor”, hosted at Thousand Oaks Country Club on April 11 from 9-4 pm.  The focus will be on balancing feminine and masculine roles in leadership with an emphasis on developing purpose driven initiatives.

In future events, Zaagman and Hill look forward to continuing to “build a collaborative, joy-filled community of like-minded souls” that are “on a mission to play life at a higher level.” Zaagman also stated that Oasis and company were “collaborating with so many groups and individuals who are excited to shared, support each other’s progress, business growth and success and success.”

For more information on Zaagman’s company LUXCHIX, please visit the website. For more information on Hill’s company Radiant Spiritual Insight, please visit the website. For more information on Oasis Retreats & Workshops, including registration for future retreats, visit the website.

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