The Long Road to Holistic Entrepreneurship from LUX CHIX

By Mayra Monroy on August 17th, 2015 / Comments

The beautifully painful and rewarding road to acceptance began at the age of 21 and fresh out of college for LUX CHIX founder, Nicole Zaagman. Now 26, Zaagman attributes the pain to her acceptance and the motivation behind her company. Their most recent accomplishment includes a network of passionate entrepreneurs joining forces for the annual LUX CHIX “Create YOUR SUCCESSFUL Lifestyle” conference at the Amway Grand Plaza in downtown Grand Rapids. The two-day event, which took place August 11th and 12th, was jam-packed with motivational speakers and experts from all fields with the common goal of helping entrepreneurs find their confidence and achieve their goals.

In the conference’s declaration, the “desire to create an intimate community for entrepreneurs where they experience the freedom to think, share, believe, express themselves and create success via their expertise,” like-minded individuals connected and cultivated purpose in the Gerald R. & Betty Ford Presidential Ballroom.

“When I was a teenager, I felt that I was here to do something great. I just didn’t know what it was,” says Zaagman. The Spring Arbor University graduate studied design and marketing and found herself with a degree in hand and her first job that would serve as a learning experience in more ways than one.  It was an illness that opened the door to a new and holistic healthcare approach, Zaagman’s life changed…for the better.

With the help of a mentor, Zaagman rebuilt her confidence and vision for a successful future, a fact she uses to drive her company and those around her.

“I really needed an organization that would support who I am, who I would become and support other entrepreneurs,” says Zaagman.

The LUX CHIX Radio Show was the starting point, which would pave the way for LUX CHIX’s conference, beginning in the spring of 2014 with the vision of helping women create a healthy lifestyle that suited their businesses. From there, it would grow.

The “Create YOUR SUCCESSFUL Lifestyle” conference had an expert panel of professionals in the industry, keynote speakers with long lasting advice and activities that not only promoted a healthy take on life, but also a chance to explore the growing environment in Grand Rapids.

Entrepreneurs rallied around their fellow business starters, with speakers ranging from the way to take charge of your fears of public speaking to an empowering notion of yourself and your team. The expert panelists held a variety of professions such as financial and retirement coaches, wardrobe and styling experts to CEOs of local organizations. Guests and speakers came from all over the country, even a presenter known as the “Vitality King” Jamie Close, hailing from Sydney, Australia. Each panelist, speaker and guest left a lasting impression on the conference with advice for every entrepreneur from all walks of life.

“Be welcome to failure,” explained Natalie Bauss, an expert panelist and founder of KPS Essentials, an organic cosmetics brand. Bauss was inspired and motivated to start her business when she came up with the idea of creating something that wasn’t on the market yet.

Entrepreneur Position Expert, Shawn Miller educated the guests with the importance of networking and connection as an entrepreneur, especially to media, stating “what [the media] say about you is more important than what you can say about yourself.”

Finally, Christine Schwartz, a financial coach with Primerica, stated an important fact for past, present and future entrepreneurs; “Find your why. Say it out loud. Why do you do what you do? […] You’re in business for yourself but not by yourself.”

At the end of the day, Zaagman’s biggest reward has been “creating the community” of close-knit and empowering entrepreneurs that were present at the conference. With a promise to make the event an annual affair, you can bet that Zaagman and LUX CHIX are here to stay.


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