The Gift of Gifting: Unique Company Moves to Detroit

By Lauren Ebelt on August 26th, 2013 / Comments

There is a moment before each birthday holiday that I sit down in front of a computer and sigh. These people are my friends and family, and without fail, I never know what to get for them. I can come up with generic gifts, but when I try to think of something special and memorable, I usually resort to a Google or Bing search for “unique gifts for mom” or “creative birthday gift ideas.”

At least, that is what I used to do before I was introduced to The Gift Insider. Ladies and gentlemen, I happily write to you today as a convert.

The Gift Insider is an innovative website dedicated to finding the best gifts. Whether you are looking for wedding gifts, graduation gifts, or gifts for the hipster inside all of us – The Gift Insider has an idea for you.

What makes this recommendation service even better, is that it has recently been relocated to Detroit.

Lindsay Roberts is the founder of The Gift Insider, and is resident Gift Expert on the team. Roberts is a Detroit native, and the move couldn’t be better for her.  “I’m so excited to be a part of all the big things happening [in Detroit],” she says. “I think it’s so amazing how strong of a community there is now and how genuinely and passionately people are working towards building up Detroit…I can’t wait to really dig in and be a part of it.”

The Gift Insider started as a hobby for Roberts before she started doing TV segments highlighting her gift ideas, first appearing on Fox2 Detroit. The move to Detroit from Chicago will bring Roberts back onto the show for monthly segments.

Now, the company has expanded to include a blog editor (who is also a Detroit native), a gift curator, and a team of interns who all hand-select the gifts for the site.

“The internet is so cluttered with products that it’s tough for people to sift through it all. The Gift Insider does the work for you,” Roberts says. “We give our users an insider’s look at the best, newest, coolest, most unique, most romantic, most perfect gifts for any occasion.”

The company does not sell the gifts they recommend (although the website does link you to where you can buy them), making them trustworthy and credible. Bonus for going onto the site: they offer plenty of exclusive discount codes and giveaways.

The Gift Insider conveniently separates their gifts on the website by price range, type of gift, occasion, personality, or who it is for. Their gifts range from the practical (custom cutting boards, artwork) to the unique (diamond shaped lamps, custom converse shoes). No matter what – or who – you’re looking for, The Gift Insider has something for you.

“I’m lucky to do something I’m so passionate about every day,” Roberts says. She is excited about the growth of her company, and where it is heading next. “Detroit was where I grew up,” she says, “and it’s where I’ve always hoped I’d end up.”

To check out The Gift Insider, visit their website at You can also visit their blog, for gifting tips and advice.

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