The Best Coffee Bean Comes From This Michigan Company

By Amanda Lewan on May 23rd, 2014 / Comments

Anamarie Sabbagh and her father Carlos Sabbagh had a business idea drop onto their table one morning, almost quite literally.

A Colombian coffee shop hired Carlos who has years of branding and marketing experience under his belt to conduct market research on a niche coffee lover market. The research looked closely at producing coffee made from a 100% grade Arabica bean, compared to the average 50% Arabica coffee bean which is then often combined with another 50% “hot dog filler” low-quality bean.

When Carlos returned with the research in hand, the coffee shop had changed owners and they original Owens were nowhere to be found. In pursuit of a better bean, Carlos later set to work starting Coffee of Origin.

The coffee they are selling really is one of the best cups of coffee I’ve ever had. A higher quality coffee does comes with a bit of a higher price, but Coffee of Origin adds the perfect touch to any special celebration or will please any coffee connoisseur in your family.

“The coffee you drink every day whether its McDonalds or Starbucks is made up of only 50% of the Arabica beans. The other 50% can be other types of coffee or beans not normally exported due to quality measures,” said Anamarie. “Our beans are the Filet mignon of coffee beans.”

How The Best Bean Travels Here

The coffee beans are treated with the highest care as they travel from Colombia to West Bloomfield, MI where Coffee of Origin is headquartered.

Coffee of Origin works with coffee scientist, Irma Mayorga, who knows how to spot a great bean. She chooses small farms in that must reach a certain amount of rainfall every year and a certain altitude. They also must have a certain number of shade trees, which tend to help produce the better coffee beans. All of the farms are natural, without any chemical pesticides. The beans are hand picked and sifted through so that only the largest bean sizes are used throughout their process.

“Someone looks at every bean to make sure they are as close to perfect as possible,” Anamarie says.

After the quality control, the beans then head to the roaster where they are roasted in small batches no more than 30lbs at a time before they are bagged and sent to the United states.

The farms are all direct trade and paid more than market value for their work. Anamarie would like to continue to work and help these farmers, who are often small families with all members working.

“The more we can grow, the more we can help the farmers. We’d like to help their families, teach their kids and families how to grow better coffee and build their business,” she says. “We hope that by buying Coffee of origin you’ll help us include more farmers and make a bigger impact here in Michigan.”

Right now you can try a subscription where it’s bagged and sent directly to you. Or, you can try it any time by ordering online.

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