Startups In Need Of Talent? Meet Creative Circle

By Amanda Lewan on December 10th, 2013 / Comments

Startups need creatives, and many creatives are a good match for the skills a startup company needs.

Creative Circle may be able to help solve the talent connect in Michigan. Creative Circle is a staffing agency that specializes in anything creative: art designers, writers, web developers, production artists, and more. They just opened their 17th office in Detroit this past summer.

“Anything you’ll find at an ad agency, we are able to provide those skills,” said Derrick Bollin.

In Detroit you don’t have to ask around to know that there just aren’t enough developers to fill many roles, with groups like Girl Develop It Detroit and Grand Circus hoping to help train others. Creative Circle can offer their national network to local startups.

“It’s a huge network of talent. We’re able to be really responsive and provide exactly what a business needs,” said Bollin. “We’re looking to meet as many people as we can in Metro Detroit to help out clients.”

Have you had trouble finding talent for your company? Connect with Creative Circle below.

For Freelancers: Join through the application form on their website. A recruiter will give you a call. You can also check out their job postings.

For Businesses: Reach out through their website.


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