Startup Shoutout: Plain And Fancy Food Crowdfunding Campaign

By Amanda Lewan on May 27th, 2013 / Comments

Michiganders sure love their local food. With the rise of food cart trucks in and around Detroit, and the awesome new food incubator on it’s way to Eastern Market, we thought we’d share some local food love for this startup. Plus, it’s not often you see a food truck startup.

Plain and Fancy is a food truck business looking to raise money to get their gear in line. Currently hosting a Indieogo campaign, the company is a collaboration between Evan Monaghan and Ashleigh Altemann, or “Mr. Plain” and “Ms. Fancy” respectively. Evan has nearly ten years experience in the restaurant industry, in front and back of house as well as restaurant management. Ashleigh has five years experience in marketing and business, but finds food a better outlet for her creative skills.

The food sure looks good, and if you donate to their cause you’ll get a taste of it before the launch. Learn more about their story by visiting their Indiegogo campaign.

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