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By Amanda Lewan on April 15th, 2013 / Comments

Struggling to find job prospects in a new town and a dire economy, Erin Flynn discovered the entrepreneur in herself; or rather she discovered the blogger first.

Erin had moved to the town of Scranton, Pennsylvania for her husband Colin Flynn’s job at Procter and Gamble. She had recently graduated with a degree in marketing and started her Reality Chic blog to differentiate herself in a crowded marketplace.

“Starting a blog gives you that extra edge. Resumes are outdated and so are college papers,” said Erin. “What other ways can you show your knowledge and expertise on a topic?”

Erin started to experience the challenges bloggers face: finding readers and getting paid for your work. She created Canopi as a platform to better organize a crowded world for bloggers, readers, and the brands who reach out to bloggers. Any industry publication or personal blog can join Canopi.  Readers can create lists and see lists their friends have, offering a social way to follow and share reading lists.

“Anyone can create a blog. That’s where we see ourselves coming to play. We want to be the one platform to share it,” said Erin. “Our goal is to help bloggers show their worth by presenting them with paid opportunities.”

Erin said agencies can spend on average 25 hours of research to find bloggers for a marketing campaign. The work provides results, with customers more likely to trust a blog recommendation of a product than a typical advertisement. Canopi organizes blogs, measures engagement and relevancy for marketers, and drastically cuts down time spent on blogger outreach.

Still in beta, Canopi will roll out new features that continue to make the site easy for readers to discover blogs they love, including recommended content, and for bloggers to find streamlined brand opportunities.

The site will always be free for bloggers to use, says Erin, who’s excited about Canopi recently reaching a total of around 4.5 million people based on each blog’s unique page view and social shares.

Erin Flynn along with Co-founders Colin Flynn and Amy Flynn moved to Detroit to join Bizdom’s incubator program this past spring. Though their site has national outreach already, they chose Detroit as a home for their startup.

“With everything going on in the startup scene in Detroit, it felt like a good place for us to dive in,” said Erin.

Erin also says Canopi can be an affordable and wonderful tool for helping startups market their company.

“It’s great for startups or small businesses who can’t hire a pr firm or ad agency. They can get the word out through blogging.”

Marketing geeks and bloggers should be excited about this platform, as it solves some industry problems in a unique way that better serves readers, bloggers, and agencies alike.

Photo via Canopi.

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