Startup 1st & Goal Can Better Predict Athletic Performance

By Amanda Lewan on October 7th, 2013 / Comments

Fall is officially here in Michigan, bringing football and pumpkin spice lattes to all.

Some of us may be more excited for the lattes, but in the sports world life as a Football coach just got a little bit easier.

Entrepreneur Damon Bryant has created a way to better predict sports performances through technology. His startup 1st & Goal Recruiting uses predictive analytics to report how well sports players will perform.

Damon recently took home first place at MidMichigan Innovation Center Best Shot Sales Pitch Competition, receiving over $3,500 in prizes. He also just finished a pilot program with a national-ranked football team.

The Internet-based system he’s created can help college coaches recruit smarter with their  NCAA certified recruiting platform. The program conducts a statistical analysis of physical and mental characteristics, identifying strengths and weaknesses for offense, defense, and special team units. Damon Bryant’s founding team also includes Larry Davis, PhD, and Chauncey Blackwell.

“We are the first NCAA certified recruiting service in college football to use innovative ways of selecting athletes using advanced analytics,” says Damon.

The internet program can also help high school football players better prepare themselves for the college sports season. Damon says some recruiting services will charge hundreds or thousands of dollars to create an online athlete profile for college coaches to review. Damon is making it much more affordable, allowing free profiles for coaches to access.

“College coaches are able to search for athletes on our platform and contact the athlete or parents directly if the player meets the coaches’ evaluation criteria,” says Damon. It serves as a platform that analyzes, prepares, and connects teams to the players they need.

It sounds like an easy to use Internet program for a niche audience, often two factors that lead to success. The startup is a member of the International Coaching Federation and will offer virtual coaching services. This can include everything from academic and professional skills development to leadership and physical performance.

Damon thinks this is important to helping foster a strong sports culture.

“We are helping to identify athletes, shape their character and develop their leadership capabilities.  Our process is very “Goal”oriented in developing the next generation of athletes who will play sports, get a college education, graduate, and lead in their respective communities after graduation,” says Damon.

Interested in learning more about how predictive analytics works? Check out his recent book that’s now a top seller in two areas of psychology. Athletes can sign up at .

What other startups do you see changing the sports world?

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