Starter Fest Creates Conference for All Michigan Entrepreneurs and Makers

By Amanda Lewan on June 10th, 2014 / Comments

Michigan has yet to really have a big conference focused on all types of entrepreneurship, but that’s about to change.

For tech entrepreneurship, there’s ACE and the Michigan Growth Symposium. For marketing and technology development, you’ve got lots of smaller events across the state. But what about a conference that reaches and inspire all types of entrepreneurs? Not just the coders and app builders?

Starter Fest may just be our first large conference helping kickstart diverse entrepreneurship in the region. The conference will include the following:

  • 12+ keynote talks from successful entrepreneurs.
  • The first Statewide Community Award Show.
  • A physical Marketplace for Michigan based companies.
  • A series of events and parties starting September 15th.

Speakers come from a diverse group of experiences and backgrounds, including Co-Founder of Kickstarter Charles Adler, and Jacquis Panis of Shinola, arguably one of Detroit’s most successful new companies now predicted to reach $87 million in revenue this year and expanding.

Most importantly, the conferences offers a platform to celebrate Michigan’s makers and the people behind the companies. This conference is led by Delane Parnell, a young entrepreneur who has quite the reputation for creating events that bring together members from all over the community. We can expect this one to also draw a large and diverse crowd.

“We’re proud to host a diverse conference that highlights all of the exciting things happening in Michigan. It’s important we build a platform that helps provide visibility to all of the great people and companies here,” said Delane Parnell. “It will be an intimate and high quality event.”

Entrepreneurs Nominate Your Peers for Starter Awards. Go ahead and nominate those who are leading your community across Michigan. The showcase aims to support all types of entrepreneurs who are creating companies across the state.

View the full lineup now at And don’t forget to buy your early bird ticket or group ticket at a discounted price today.

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