Scholarbiz Invents Better Way to Hire College Help

By Amanda Lewan on April 8th, 2016 / Comments

Marko Berishaj, Founder of Scholarbiz, always found it difficult to find and hire the right interns.

“A few years ago I was an executive of a company and we were working with a technical school,” he said. “I saw that students were able to choose an area of interest and learn more about that interest. I thought it was a great concept. Students need to engage at the business level earlier on.”

This sparked an interest of his own that led to the newly launched Scholarbiz platform, a platform for businesses to find talented college students and hire them for help on a project basis. Rather than the typical internship format, these interns can do freelance work on projects they enjoy, building their experience.

“When you get out of college the first question a company asks is what is your experience?” Berishaj said. “Students can get paid, build their resume, and be engaged in real life work.”

The platform sounds especially appealing to a startup or growing small business who can hire help for smaller projects that talented students can complete like crafting a press release, website copy, sales materials, etc. Scholarbiz has already beta tested with Rochester College and is now adding college students from the University of Michigan and half a dozen others. The company does work with the universities to ensure active students are participating.

The website also matches students with projects posted by the businesses to ensure they get real experience in a field they are interested in. All interactions can be manage easily through the site. The fee for a business? Scholarbiz allows access to the site through a monthly membership model where a set amount of hours can be used.

“We are looking for businesses and students who want to join us now,” he said. They also aim to continue to grow their mission, empowering students with better experience before they hit the job market: “Our mission will continue to grow to help students answer that key first question – what’s your experience?”

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