Ron Bartell Encourages Entrepreneurs to Invest in Detroit Neighborhoods

By Yvelette Stines on March 5th, 2016 / Comments

There is a spirit of entrepreneurship throughout the city of Detroit. With the majority of the focus on the downtown area, people are not always well aware that there are successful businesses within the neighborhoods of Detroit. Ron Bartell is encouraging the entrepreneurs to invest in the these areas too.RonBartell2

As a native Detroiter, Bartell was always surrounded by the entrepreneurial spirit.

“My family is full of entrepreneurs. My uncle owns a clothing store. I have a numbers of family members in real estate, the list goes on,” he says. When Bartell retired from the NFL in 2013, he started to develop his investment properties in Detroit. “In the process of developing I was thinking in terms of tenants. I thought why not starts a restaurant?” he reminisces.

In late January of 2015, Kuzzo’s Chicken and Waffles was born. This was a proud moment for Bartell because he saw his vison become a reality.

“My vision was to bring commerce and people back to the area so we all can experience how beautiful it is,” he says. The restaurant is located about fifteen minutes where Bartell grew up and he is thrilled to invest back into his neighborhood.

“Since we’ve opened, we are the staple in this neighborhood and city. Even people all over the country come and eat here. This is the impact we wanted. We want to show people that you can invest in your neighborhood, be successful, and do it on a large scale,” he continues.

Kuzzo’s Chicken and Waffles is a southern cuisine restaurant offering breakfast and lunch, in an urban-chic designed space with a casual dining atmosphere located in the Avenue of Fashion district on Detroit’s northwest side. With a successful year in business Bartell is looking to grow and get better.

“I am a perfectionist and I want to keep stressing the fact that people can invest in neighborhoods and be successful. We are a small business but we have a big business mindset.” Bartell is also proud to serve the people of Detroit. “It is such an underserved city and it gets a bad rap. The city is beautiful, the people here are second to none and there a lot of great hard working people here.”

As a successful entrepreneur Bartell offers the following advice.

  1. Surround yourself with good people that are smarter than you and tell the truth.
  2. Make sure your personal finances are in order. There are times as entrepreneurs that you will have to make some tough calls and decisions, if your finances are not right, it can get in the way of you making the right decision for your business.
  3. Have a lot of patience. Entrepreneurship is a grind. There will be doors closed in your face, you are going to get told no, but be patient and know when it is time to make the right move.

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