Pop-Ups Rising in Metro Detroit

By Amanda Lewan on November 25th, 2012 / Comments

Call it a trend or a savvy business move, but pop-up retail is on the rise in Metro Detroit.

The pop-up method is a way for entrepreneurs to get their feet wet by opening a temporary store location. They can test out their product and receive feedback from the community. In some instances, the community helps setup and arrange these pop-ups.

Here’s a list of #Michipreneurs on the pop-up front. Make sure you check them out while they are open for a limited time during the holiday season.


Café Con Lenche del Este — Detroit, 1561 Lafayette Street

cafe con lench pop-up detroit

According to a previous feature in Deadline Detroit, the community came together to help build out this wonderful store. Café Con Lenche has been quite popular in the southwest of Detroit, and is hoping to expand into other areas of the city. This pop-up is only open through the first week of December, so hurry in for a hot cup of Mexicantown’s favorite spicy-sweet coffee.

Detroit Pop — Detroit, 1253 Woodward Ave

Detroit pop-up retail

Margarita Barry is one of the movers and shakers of Detroit, running the site I am Young Detroit. She launched Detroit Pop inside D:hive, a pop-up retail for locally made goods of all types including clothing and household items. The store is a very creative and colorful addition to downtown.

Moosejaw – Detroit, 1275 Woodward Ave

Moosejaw Detroit pop-up shop

Headquartered in Madison Heights, Moosejaw gained a lot of media attention when they announced their downtown pop-up a few weeks ago. Open through December 22nd, this shop is located right off of Woodward next door to D:hive and Detroit Pop, and not too far away from the winter wonderland of Campus Martius.

It will be exciting to see which stores succeed, and how other #Michipreneurs test this method.

We’d love to hear from others testing out a pop-up too. What success have you seen so far?

Photos via Cafe con Leche del Este, Detroit Pop, and Moosejaw.

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