Pain Pitch: Bringing the Customer to the Entrepreneur

By Alok Sharma on March 15th, 2013 / Comments

The idea and the first customer for that idea. That’s what the team at Ribbon Farm’s “Detroit Startup Drinks” project hope “Pain Pitch” will mean to the startup community.

We want to turn hack-a-thons upside down. Why assume what people need, when they can just tell you? Why not invite citizens, non-profits, and companies to explain some of their day-to-day pains directly to the technology community?

Our first event is coming up March 27 in Detroit at Elizabeth Theatre, and it will be a learning experience. We’re inviting developers, designers, and all local entrepreneurs to participate and listen. We’re already planning our second event and we know that there will be many lessons learned.

Here is what we do know:

1.  Organizations have submitted some really interesting pains. They are eager for help solving those pains.

2.  If you are a developer / designer / engineer you are going to hear a few pains that are worthy of a startup to solve them. This could be where you find your next project or business idea.

3.  You’re going to meet other techies looking to solve problems.

Join us for our first “Pain Pitch” event on Wednesday, March 27th at 6pm in the Elizabeth Theatre. Immediately after, we’ll host our usual “Detroit Startup Drinks” monthly event. Follow us along on Facebook to stay up to date with future Pain Pitch events.

About the Author

Alok Sharma

Alok Sharma is a Detroit-based Technology Business Analyst. As a founding partner at Sharma Analytics he has helped organizations align their business process with their technology. He is the co-founder of the medical research data Startup “Study Cache”. In his spare time he organizes Detroit Startup Drinks for the Ribbon Farm Makerspace.