NextEnergy Envisions A Future of Energy Sharing Homes

By Amanda Lewan on November 5th, 2014 / Comments

You might not think about the energy you’re using every day in your home, with your car, and with your appliances.

You also might not ask yourself: is there a way all of these parts could transfer and share energy better? 

Next Energy cultivates these type of questions and also provides support for the businesses answering them. This isn’t your average incubator. Located in Midtown, Detroit, Next Energy has the right tools to test this type of energy transferring. They have a home on site to test exporting power from the vehicle to the home, and a micro-grid for vehicle power transferring.

Why is energy transferring and conservation an important problem to solve? Dan Radomski, NextEnergy’s VP of industry development says there are better ways we could be using our energy when looking at all outlets.

“In the case of the building owner, it’s a way to keep charging costs lower,” Radomski said. “Electricity grids are based on highest peak times over the year, and you could lower your peak times transferring energy.  You can enable appliances to make smarter decisions on where to take their energy from.”

Radomski says their unique playing field for entrepreneurs in Detroit, combined with strategic partnerships with the State of Michigan and Tier 1 suppliers, has helped startups generate growth. 

“We help you collaborate. We have an area to do that in collaboration with the Tier 1 suppliers,” said Radomski.  “We very often boot together small startups and big companies together to explore new technologies.”

Arbor Light was able to connect to manufacturers and test their new product. The spinoff company from the University of Michigan produces LED lighting that emulates day and night.

Keep an eye out for the $25,000 NextEnergy Innovation Award at Accelerate Michigan this week, and quite a few of their energy driving companies. Thirteen of the selected semi-finalists received valuable support services from NextEnergy including A2B Bikeshare; ArborWind; Black Pine Engineering; Detroit Materials; Elegus Technologies; Inventev; LogiCoul Solutions; Neuvokas Corporation; Ornicept; Saras, LLC;Shock EngineWorks; SkySpecs; and Solartonic.

“It’s rewarding to see so many clients doing well in these competitions after receiving guidance and support from NextEnergy,” said NextEnergy President and CEO, Jean Redfield. “It’s a great testament that our model is working and we’re proud to be making an impact with Michigan entrepreneurs.”

Next Energy helps companies all across the state. Check them out online for more information.

Are you working on a startup solving an energy problem? Share with us your story.

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