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By Lauren Ebelt on November 20th, 2013 / Comments

The world of technology is constantly changing – and I’m not talking about the latest Apple product. The brains behind all of the things that make our technology click – IT professionals – are always on top of latest trends, skill sets, and more. And thanks to a partnership between Michigan-based company, Mobile Comply and CompTIA, there is now a program to ensure a standard of technical competence in the mobility sector.

Designed to prepare IT professionals to excel at whatever challenge is thrown at them, the Mobile Comply Mobility+ Certification training addresses such areas as network infrastructure, security, mobile device management, and more.

“This Certification is a game-changer for the mobile/wireless technology industry,” said Elaina Farnsworth, Mobile Comply’s CEO in a recent press release, “…professionals need to be trained to support [the] technology revolution with effective standards of performance. We at Mobile Comply are happy we can provide the training that CompTIA needs to make the certification available.”

The course and certification is for the IT professional working in IT wireless networking with an experience level of at least 12 months. Prerequisite training includes Network+ and/or Server+. Non-mandatory prerequisites include MCSE, CCNA, CCIE, CWNA.

Training sessions are November 18 and December 3, 2013, both online. The cost is $1500 USD for individuals; groups of 10 or more receive 40% savings with the coupon code Group40 until November 20.

Classes are taught by professionals well-versed in education theory and mobile technology with practical, hands-on experience – not to mention that course content and delivery styles can be adapted to the unique needs of learners.

There are two different versions of the class. One version is a five-day class, ideal for employees who can dedicate 40 hours during the week to being in a same time online class. This is for employees that are being sent for training during normal work hours by their employers, or for employees who may not get paid take the class, but are willing to take vacation time instead. Another version of the class involves a one-week (self-led), or a two-week or five-week (both instructor led) version, perfect for professionals who plan to take the course on their own. Both versions are offered for the November and the December class dates.

“We’re glad CompTIA values the fact that Mobile Comply has the diversity of mobile/wireless technology subject matter experts, the comprehensive curriculum, and the ability to scale our training to the level necessary to meet the high demand of this rapidly-growing technology sector,” Farnsworth stated.

Evolving communication strategies, changes in the ways companies conduct business and more – IT departments now have a way to ensure that their staff are capable of meeting high standards, and now, they can with the Mobile Comply Mobility+ training program.
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