New Food Incubator Coming to Detroit

By Amanda Lewan on May 21st, 2013 / Comments

Get ready, Food Entrepreneurs! Detroit’s Eastern Market is going to receive a food incubator in the near future.

The recent announcement comes as a welcome change and boost for food businesses. While there are plenty of incubators, 27 Michigan Business Incubators and Co-working spaces on our growing master list, we’ve really only come across a few that are dedicated to Michigan food entrepreneurs:

Michigan has a large agricultural industry, a growing craft beer and wine industry, and a love for local food. It’s nice to see more support for those growing and creating local food.

Get the details on Eastern Market’s recent announcement from Detroit Unspun’s look at food grants and the business incubator coming to Eastern Market.

What else can we do to support food entrepreneurs in our great state?

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Photo via Jeff Wenger.

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