New Cafe Created for Cat Lovers

By Mayra Monroy on October 9th, 2015 / Comments

After a long year of fundraising, building momentum of a new concept, and chasing a dream, the founder of Michigan’s first cat cafe has reached her funding goal, even surpassing it, hours after the campaign closed. Kati Palmukar’s love of cats, people, and the city of Grand Rapids led to the creation of Happy Cat Company & Cafe, a coffee shop that is exactly what it sounds like…cats and coffee.

“You come in, grab a pastry, specialty coffee, and bring it over to an area where we have adoptable, free-roaming cats,” said Palmukar in a Kickstarter video.

The cafe’s concept was to serve as a staple of three important factors: to serve as a cat shelter with adoptable felines; become a central location for people to connect with each other; and build the Grand Rapids community and economy. Palmukar, a Grand Rapids native, launched the business with the intent of helping the community, both animals and humans alike.

“We want Happy Cat Cafe to be a place where people can connect and talk about their love of animals.”

Happy Cat Company launched a Kickstarter in late August to raise funds needed to open the cafe. In just 28 days, the project raised $25, 015, through a variety of donors and fans of the project.

According to the Happy Cat Company website, Happy Cat Cafe “is a lounge, restaurant, bistro, or coffee shop that has a space for patrons to interact with adoptable cats that roam freely and mingle with potential owners, cat enthusiasts, and those who may not be able to own their own pet.”

The cafe anticipates to house anywhere between 10 and 15 cats inside of its walls, allowing patrons to adopt a cat from the cafe. Serving as a shelter, Happy Cat gives stray cats a second chance at finding a forever home. This also allows for more space in any local shelters, as there is a high demand to house strays or rescued cats. By opening their doors, Happy Cat will give back to the community with open arms.

Through actively seeking partnerships with local businesses, shelters, and people in the area, Happy Cat Cafe will strive to grow the Grand Rapids economy. A location is to be determined, but stay updated on their website,


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