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By Jane Whitttington on August 29th, 2016 / Comments

Do you have a leaky faucet with a drip, drip, drip that is keeping you up nights? Is the grass on your lawn so overgrown that the neighbors are starting to talk? Does your house need a thorough cleaning before your mother-in-law comes for the weekend? For all those jobs that you don’t know how to do, don’t want to do or simply don’t have the time to do, there’s a new resource in Grand Rapids that will solve the problem. Naybr (, co-founded by entrepreneurs Michael Weitzman and Nate Harr, brings together people who need a job done with people who can do the job. It’s fast, easy, efficient and, because all Naybr’s service providers are vetted, safe.

The concept is simple. Anyone who has a job that needs doing—from lawn care to household repairs to painting—posts the job and the amount the worker will be paid on the Naybr website. They can designate whether this is a one-time-only or recurring job. The first worker who responds is given the assignment. Payment is only made, securely through the website, after the job is satisfactorily completed. Posters only pay for the job that is done plus a $2 fee to Naybr.

Workers are expected to complete the job for the price agreed upon. After the job is completed, the money is directly deposited, minus a 20 percent fee which goes to Naybr. Licensed or otherwise certified professionals pay $49 a month to bid on jobs after the first three months which is free.

Both the user and service provider can post reviews on the site after the job is done. If the client is not satisfied with the job the worker has done, they can contact Naybr, and the issue will be resolved. However, this is an exceedingly rare occurrence.

According to Weitzman, “We run a background check on all our vendors. If workers are insured, bonded or licensed, we verify those credentials. Workers can also provide references.”

He continues, “We purchase a phone number for every job so that clients are not giving out their personal phone numbers. We also keep records of all calls and text messages between the client and the worker.”

Upcoming is the option to search workers in the area and invite a specific vendor to accept the job. As of next month, vendor profiles will become public. They are also working on an app for mobile devices which they hope to launch by next month.

Naybr spreads the word about their services through Facebook and by attending vendor fairs, not just in Grand Rapids but throughout the region. They are finding that because of the ease of use and the satisfaction on the part of both employers and workers they are seeing growth in markets other than just Grand Rapids. Harr mentions they have clients in Ohio, Illinois and Nebraska, and the list is growing.

Harr says, “On average, most of the jobs on our site pay $100 or less although we are certainly set up for more extensive work.”

Weitzman and Harr met at the gym when Harr’s wife and Weitzman competed in a cross fit competition. They got to talking and one thing led to another. Harr had always wanted to be an entrepreneur, and Weitzman had the requisite expertise in website design and hosting. Harr came up with the original idea for Naybr and together they set about crafting this new enterprise. Weitzman estimates that he spent some 2,000 hours online creating and perfecting the form and function of the website.

Harr and Weitzman have other jobs besides Naybr; Harr works for Xerox and also sells real estate, and Weitzman owns and operates a software engineering and hosting firm, World Source Tech (

Potential clients and vendors are invited to visit the Naybr website which gives details on the procedure, testimonials from satisfied customers and also lists jobs, both open and completed, to get an idea of the kinds of jobs and the prices of these jobs.

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