My Fab Five Food Reviews Launches in Detroit

By Amanda Lewan on July 3rd, 2013 / Comments

Last week My Fab Five launched their Detroit location, opening up the food reviewing site to take on the Motor City.

The team launched during TechTown’s DTX Showcase and also received $25,000 in branding from the competition. With 1,600 users already on the Ann Arbor based site, the startup was excited to launch in Detroit.

“We came out for the Launch Detroit program, working for two days a week in Detroit. We fell in love with the city right away,” said Co-founder Calvin Schemanski. “While we were out there we just saw a lot of people revitalizing the city and a lot of potential.”

Calvin started My Fab Five along with his Co-founder Omeid Seiafi-pour a little over a year ago. The two came up with the idea to create a better ranking system for reviews, for both the user and the restaurant.

“The biggest difference is that we don’t use a star rating and review system that most major review sites use. We found it creates a lot of problems for everyone involved,” said Calvin.

Instead, the site allows for creating list of favorite places, allowing users to get more specific and the platform to aggregate rankings of top places and friends recommendations. Users can rank their fab five local places to eat.

Calvin says they’ve received a lot of help and mentorship along the way.

“The University of Michigan and Ann Arbor tech community really helped us get started,” said Calvin. “We came to Detroit and there’s also a great number of mentors pitching in. There’s a lot of support.”

Right now My Fab Five is looking for local Detroiters to share their favorite places and let the ranking begin. Download the app and sign up now to get started sharing the best local eats. With the platform and database already built, the startup is aiming for a national launch in the next month or so.

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