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By Amanda Lewan on February 18th, 2015 / Comments

In Detroit there’s been a growing interesting to help train workers for technology jobs, and a new company Apprend has officially joined the movement.

The Metro Detroit area is home to a very high concentration of engineers and a growing technology industry. According to the recent Automation Alley 2015 report 7,000 technology companies call Metro Detroit home creating over 170,000 jobs that grew at a rate around 3% this past year.

How can we prepare to fill these jobs? Several organizations in Detroit provide resources and training, but Apprend sees a gap in style and affordability.

“There is no medium price point. We want to provide more affordable rates and smaller classes,” said Alan Languirand founder and teacher at Apprend. The Apprend classes are more hands on, limiting fourteen attendees per teacher.

In Detroit, there are different places one can go for tech training that fit your level of experience and learning style. If you’re just getting started you can sit in at a Girl Develop it Detroit class (men and women are both welcome). If you’re ready for a more focused long-term commitment, Grand Circus in Downtown Detroit offers bootcamp style training by the semester. Grand Circus has trained over 700 programmers and assists with job placement, but their lengthier courses do come with a high price tag that can range from $3,000-6,000 per semester.

Apprend fits in the middle, providing some introductory workshop sessions but a more in-depth focus for those already familiar with computer programming.

“We’re a good fit for anyone working in IT who is looking to learn new languages, skills, or new tools. We’re not necessarily focused on just beginners,” said Languirand.

Languirand has been teaching computer programming for the last several years, sharing the knowledge and experience he’s gained from ten years in the software development industry. He started teaching classes in Detroit and loved the experience.  So, in December of 2014 he launched Apprend. The name Apprend is a conjucation of the French word apprendre, which means “to learn,” giving a nod to the French heritage of Detroit.

What motivated Languirand to start the company?

“Everyone I know who is trying to hire development talent says it’s always excruciating hard,” he said. “I want to help people get the tools they need or make a lateral move to be able to grow in their careers.”

In March they’ll be hosting three classes on three separate programming languages. They will also host one time free workshops in the community to expose others to the classes. You can follow Apprend online to learn more about their latest sessions.

If you’re looking for other training resources, check out our list here.

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