Addressing Michigan’s Tech Skills

By Amanda Lewan on April 17th, 2013 / Comments

We know there’s an interest for continuing to grow Michigan’s tech sector, but there’s also an interest to learn the necessary technical skills too.

Around Metro Detroit there’s been several groups teaching classes at an affordable cost to those who want to learn digital marketing, programming, and more, including Girl Develop it Detroit and Detroit Rails. How else can we help address Michigan’s tech job gap?

Jeremiah at the Detroit News Hub offers some interesting insight, including working on removing any culture clash and bringing apprentices to the technology field. Check out these 7 Ways To Address Michigan’s Tech Job Gap.

Let us know any technical classes you’re attending, or other businesses helping startups learn, grow and succeed. For more resources including classes, workshops, and educational ebooks, check out the Michipreneur Resource Page.

Photo via Girl Develop It.

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