MHacks Coming To Detroit Jan 17th

By Noelle Sciarini on January 3rd, 2014 / Comments

The streets of Downtown will soon be filled with the sound of typing. MHacks, a University of Michigan hackathon group, is hosting their first large hackahton in Detroit at the Qube on January 17th to January 19th.  There is a much anticipated buzz for the Detroit hackathon.

Attendance for the sold-out 36-hour event is expected to be over 1,200 high school and college students from all over the U.S.

The event promises to be a meeting place for hackers of all skill levels, would-be entrepreneurs and people who are simply passionate about an idea. The event is also sponsored by a number of high-profile companies, ranging from Yahoo! to Cisco and Domino’s Pizza, all of which are eager to hire said hackers, entrepreneurs and dreamers.

The idea for the event comes from a quartet of U of M students – David Fontenot, Tom Erdmann, Adam Williams and Dan Friedman – who realized the potential of harnessing the existing hacker community in Ann Arbor. They visited various hackathons across the country, and realized that such an event could have massive success in Ann Arbor. That realization (and a number of sleepless nights) led to the February 2013 MHacks in the Big House, the biggest of its kind at that point with over 1,200 attending students.

Why the change of venue to Detroit this year? According to MHacks representative Adrian Lupusoru:

“MHacks doesn’t really have an official venue… so we didn’t want to create the expectation that it’s now forever in the Big House. When looking beyond the Big House, there were few on-campus opportunities that could successfully host an event of this size, so we went to the next exciting place we could think of: Detroit.”

Lupusoru said that the folks behind MHacks were aware that currently, people coming to Detroit have a chance to be part of the start of something truly exciting and explosive.

“Showing that kind of opportunity to the most innovative students from across the country seemed like an irresistible opportunity, especially when it gives those students the chance to hack in one of the coolest spaces you could ever want for a hackathon.”

For more information on MHacks, please visit their website.

Are you attending the Hackathon? Let us know what you create there.

Photo credit Michigan Engineering.

*Update: The group held their third hackathon in Ann Arbor in 2013. The Detroit hackahton is the group’s fourth event.

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