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By Amanda Lewan on June 17th, 2015 / Comments

Sometimes in life you’re called to go back to a place you began in, but now with a fresh perspective. That was the case for the duo who launched LawnGuru this spring.

For Skye Durrant, Co-founder and President of LawnGuru, he was called back to Michigan to work again with his good friend and now business partner Brandon Bertrang. In high school they had cut lawns together. The two split ways for college, and after graduation Bertrang began to build his lawn care company. Durrant went away to the University of Colorado Boulder and then out to Silicon Valley.

“He saw a lot of opportunity to change and disrupt the industry,” said Durrant. “I received a job offer from a company out in San Francisco but Brandon pitched me the partnership idea. I decided to partner and move back to Michigan in 2012.”

Just over a month ago they launched LawnGuru, an on demand lawn care platform that sort of works like Uber. You can download the app, see a satellite image of your home, trace the area to be treated, and receive a price based on measurement of the space. You’ll then see your driver come to your home in real time to take care of the lawn.

What could be better than that? The on demand snow plowing the team is working on for the winter. The app is now available on iPhone for free, and Durrant describes it as an improvement for the provider and the customer experience.

“It’s really simple and convenient,” said Durrant. “It’s improving an industry that’s been lagging behind.”

The team is currently raising a seed round as they work to expand their services. Right now LawnGuru will get you on demand lawn care the day you order if placed before 3pm (and guaranteed by noon the next day), and live in the cities of Brighton, as far north as Milford, and as far east as Farmington Hills. Check here to see if you can try out their new service. 

When asked about price surging, a tactic Uber uses when there is a high volume of requests, the team said they had no plans to do so. They plan to charge a flat fee for the coming snow removal and to clearly price out your lawn requests.

Check out more on LawnGuru, and let us know if you try out this on demand lawn care in your neighborhood.

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