Meet Jereshia Hawk, An Inspirational Income Strategist

By Yvelette Stines on May 16th, 2017 / Comments
Jereisha Hawk, Founder Goal Getters Group

By day Jereshia Hawk is a Transmission Pipeline Engineer for a fortune 500 company. She leads $400 million-dollar pipeline projects. One would with her 9-5, she has limited time for other projects. This is not the case. As a natural born leader, Hawk is the founder and CEO of the Goal Getter Group her company that she started in October 2016. This is a monthly membership group to help members grow and scale their online business.

“We have a monthly mastermind where we can connect with other high performing women, share resources, and help each other remove barriers,” she says.

The Goal Getter Group now has over 550 members globally, most of them professionals working full time and starting a business on the side. What do they need most? Help with their business development, strategies to generate that first income, and most important accountability. All focus areas of Jereshia’s work.

“I also work with individuals to help them develop their business strategy and help them execute their idea. It is amazing to see clients grow their businesses and make an extra $2,000 or $3,000 a month while working together,” Hawk says.

Looking back on the short time she started the Goal Getter Group, Hawk feels blessed to help others walk in their purpose and develop ways to make an extra income to improve their lives.

“We are on a principle of her wins are your wins. It is amazing to see how (members) have been able to leverage resources and connect with each other to really grow something beautiful. Now they have financial freedom and flexibility,” she says. This is in alignment with Hawks purpose of educating, equipping, and empowering women to take on more leadership roles. As an engineer, she sees the need first hand.

“I am 1% in the country being a black female engineer. When I ask other minority women about their career aspiration, everyone is hungry for responsibility and to serve a larger role. The issue is not that we don’t want these positions, it boils down to cultural awareness and lack of an inclusive environment that supports the differences of employees,” she explains. Hawk would like to serve on corporate board and lead global organizations one day. She notices “there are not many people who look like me in these positions.” Where Hawk sees the lack, she is already working out solutions to the issue.

“I feel a deep sense of responsibility. I don’t want the person behind me to have the same challenges, I want it to be it easier for her,” she says.

With the success of The Goal Getter Group and a demanding career, Hawk is not close to slowing down. This month she is launching a new eight-week course called F*uck Fixed Income. It is to help entrepreneurs start their business and earn consistent four figure months on the side while working their 9 to 5 job. Along with growing her business and helping others do the same Hawk would like to see “The Hawk Empire grow into a consulting firm where we are partnering with corporations and helping them create a more entrepreneurial inclusive cultural environment.” For now, Hawk will continue to “move that needle” towards greatness and help others do the same.

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