Meet Compass, a Startup to Guide Small Business Marketing

By Amanda Lewan on December 3rd, 2014 / Comments

Building a new website for your company is vital in today’s world, and for a small business owner it can often be a hassle.

A new startup in Detroit called Compass has created an easier approach for those in need of a new website. The company connects talented local freelancers to small business owners who need a website. They’ve developed a process to help produce quick, simple, and affordable designs.

Co-founder Mike Wilner says the idea came to him after noticing a gap in a market. Many agencies charge too much for a design. There are free tools like Squarespace and Strikingly that help, but a small business owner may not be savvy enough to craft a strong website that attracts customers. The Compass team uses these tools strategically for clients.

“We want to create a labor marketplace that can use these tools to make technical activities more accessible to the masses,” said Wilner. “Right now, our Compass Pro’s are only using Squarespace to create websites due to it’s flexibility. However, we’re generally platform-agnostic, and we’re striving to always use the best tools for the job.”

And what makes a great website for a small business? Wilner says their team focuses on developing strategic goals, clear messaging and calls to action, and also developing websites that will meet the needs of a growing mobile audience.

Eventually, the startup aims to provide more digital marketing services. They see it as a way to take a valuable service and approach it a much more lean method.

“The current digital marketing services industry is like the Auto industry before the Model T was created–the only people that could drive in America were those that could afford high-end, custom automobiles,” said Wilner. “We want to create the Model T for digital marketing services– a more lean, affordable, workforce that makes digital marketing accessible the masses.”

Are you a local small business? You can check out this startup online today at

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