MCWT’s New Director Looks to Grow Young Tech Talent

By Amanda Lewan on April 1st, 2015 / Comments

Sarah Prout has spent over twenty five years working in women’s advocacy and domestic violence. Now, she’s joined the Michigan Council of Women in Technology as the new executive director. The organization which started in 2000 has been instrumental in helping make Michigan a number one place for women in the industry.

Prout’s new role will be focused on fundraising, partnership relations, and program development. We got to chat with her on how MCWT will grow, and why the world of women in technology is a vital issue for companies in Michigan.

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What’s your role at MCWT? Why did you join?

I was really excited to be offered this position because I think in order for women to move forward they have to be given opportunities to really excel. We know somewhere in elementary school girls start to get discouraged from STEM. We have a real opportunity to change that.

We will continue our strong tradition providing a collaborative space for women entering the field, and our mission for Michigan to become the number one place from women in technology.

I also hope to continue to grow our programming for young girls, so we can reach them younger and younger to get into STEM.

What programs and services does MCWT provide? 

MCWT has been a voice for women in technology, a space where women can come and meet other women in a field that is traditionally male. We have 800 members and growing. We also have 80 corporate sponsors.

We provide enormous networking opportunities and mentor opportunities. Now we’d like to take that tradition of being a voice for women in technology, developing relationships to reach younger women.

Do you have any advice today for women?

We sometimes convince ourselves that we can’t do it. You can do anything you want to do, you just have to believe. Don’t count yourself out. Take a risk and be really competent in your strengths.

Why is the tech industry important in Michigan ?

Michigan is sort of a hidden gem. We have premier universities, remarkable technology companies, and the resurgence of Detroit is creating amazing innovation. We’ve gone through some tough times and are still standing. We’re going to be the next place where innovation and technology are going to happen because we’re going to take the risks.

Learn more about MCWT online here, and let us know of any women leading the world of technology.


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