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By Mayra Monroy on June 19th, 2015 / Comments

With the city of Grand Rapids growing into a local business centric atmosphere, Aaron VanderGalien and his team at Deksia are here with one mission: to help small businesses thrive. With such a strong local small business presence, Deksia are using their business intelligence and skills to aid the community.

“Deksia’s passion is working with entrepreneurs and small business [es] that are looking to make a scalable difference in the community,” says VanderGalien, Deksia partner and co-founder.

With first-hand experience into the struggles of being a small business, the partners of Deksia came together to help with their award-winning creative minds and passion for the city. Deksia was founded in 2003 with their base being in Grand Rapids. The company has since expanded, with satellite offices in locations such as Des Moines, Seattle, and New York City. In almost 12 years, servicing the local community has always been one of the Deksia team’s core values.

Now located in a recently renovated office on Stevens St. SW, its historic roots are deep in the city, as their new office was once home to Kreuter-Faasen Co., the paint manufacturer for a metal office furniture company that would later be known as Steelcase. This expansion into a new location opened the door for making an impact on a historic community.

“The Deksia partners are attempting to expand the boundaries of downtown Grand Rapids southward to a new and burgeoning business district,” says VanderGalien. “[We] chose to locate in the southeast neighborhood because we thought we could make the biggest impact there. Supporting other neighborhood business and bringing positive action.”

Through the creation of memorable branding, marketing and web presence, Deksia is proud of its partnership and success stories. With clients in a variety of different markets, Deksia prepares a strategic plan to help business owners with their outreach and brand.

“The most rewarding part of working for Deksia is the difference we can make in an entrepreneur’s life. Most entrepreneurs have a great business idea and a strong vision, but struggle with the marketing piece of the puzzle,” says VanderGalien. “They know what their talent is, but not about how to market it. Deksia helps give that person a chance to compete with bigger companies, with the goal that in the future, that entrepreneur can be his own boss.”

With their own brand growing, Deksia provides a client list and the strategies implemented on each on their website. For more information, please visit

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