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By Jane Whitttington on May 19th, 2017 / Comments
Amy Cell

Amy Cell has mastered the art and science of bringing together top-notch employees with businesses looking for just the right person to help move their companies forward. Blending years of experience with the ability to see both what an employer needs and what an employee can provide has made Amy Cell Talent thrive.

Cell says, “I was born and raised in Ann Arbor and graduated from the University of Michigan and was briefly in the field of accounting. However, I soon got involved in human resources and decided my calling was around people rather than numbers. I went back to school and received a degree in human resources and then worked for about ten years in corporate roles at Ford Motor Company and in Silicon Valley. In 2004, I moved back to Michigan, briefly working for U of M. However, I was inspired by the start-up activity I had seen in California. We were starting to get some inklings of that in Ann Arbor. I discovered Ann Arbor SPARK and soon began working with them.”

Ann Arbor SPARK is an organization which works to attract, develop, strengthen and invest in economic development in the Ann Arbor region.

Cell continues, “When SPARKS’ Board Chair Rick Snyder left to become governor, I moved to the MEDC (Michigan Economic Development Corporation). In that role, I led talent programs for the State. When the position was eliminated, I became a consultant doing much the same work. I continued to be contacted by people looking for work and employers, particularly entrepreneurs, looking for good employees. Since this was essentially what I had been doing for the past ten years, I thought, ‘There’s probably a business here.’”

Knowing that there was a need for employers, particularly those in small start-ups, to find competent and talented employees, Cell founded Amy Cell Talent in 2015. While both SPARK and MEDC worked with smaller companies and beginning start-ups, this was not their specialty. For Cell, it is.

Cell felt that because she had worked so long in human resources, particularly linking companies with talent, she could offer her expertise as well as her wide network of contacts to aid entrepreneurs in their growth through finding and placing just the right employees to match the needs of the business.

Cell says, “I now have ten people working at my business. Over the past two years, we’ve matched hundreds of employers with employees. For job seekers, we’ve posted about 250 positions. “

She continues, “We provide a lot of free resources for job seekers through our website, and then we offer some options like coaching and resume writing for a fee. On the employer side, we also do some things for free and then offer higher-level services on a sliding scale, depending on just what it is they need.”

One of the programs offered at Amy Cell Talent is STAR (Software Talent Attraction & Retention) for those seeking jobs in technology. This free service gives job-seekers resources, events, exposure to employers, and help in locating housing and other necessities once the job is procured.  For employers, STAR gives access to the database of employees in the program, job postings on Amy Cell Talent website, networking events with job-seekers in the program, and referrals.

Cell says, “The talent is there, and the jobs are there. It’s just a matter of using the right tools and tactics to bring them together.”

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