Lyft Launches Ride Sharing Service in Metro Detroit

By Amanda Lewan on March 28th, 2014 / Comments

Lyft has officially launched in Detroit. The company that describes themselves as “your friend with a car” will now offer rides at the touch of your mobile app. It’s similar to Uber, but with a friendlier community-driven experience.

Lyft drivers will pick you up with a bright pink mustache, fist bumps, and friendly conversation. The national company chose Detroit for their expansion for a number of reasons, citing a strong sense of community.

“We were inspired by the community in Detroit,” said Paige Thelen of Lyft. “It’s our hope that through Lyft, we can bring the vibrant Detroit communities closer together.”

Lyft will now offer their ride service through the Metro Detroit area, serving just north of Birmingham, west to Telegraph Road, and just south of Southwest Detroit. The price is typically 20-30% lower than a traditional taxi.

Passengers who use Lyft are encouraged to sit up front with the driver, play their own music, and just hang out.

“Drivers are members of your community and often only drive a couple hours a week,” said Paige. “Many of our drivers offer candy, snacks, or water for passengers to enjoy. We’ve heard countless stories about drivers ad passengers building friendships and networking even after the Lyft ride has ended.”

A great approach, this ride sharing service hopes to help connect others around Metro Detroit and offer a more affordable transportation solution for the city that is lacking in mass transportation.

Want to get a Lyft? Download the app and get started.

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