Lost in the Buzz? iSearchDetroit Helps You Find Good News on Detroit

By Amanda Lewan on February 23rd, 2015 / Comments

Last weekend we visited the Midwest’s larger city, Chicago. The city is home to a much grander size scale than Detroit, but it’s also home to many young Michiganders.

Our bartender happened to be one of them. She grew up in Grand Rapids and left for the city after college. When we told her we lived in Downtown Detroit she very excitedly told us how many great things she’s heard about the city’s rebirth.

It may not happen everywhere, but there certainly is a buzz about Detroit. Some days its hard to keep up with all the news, events, companies launching, etc. That’s why one entrepreneur created an app for those who want to follow the rebirth story.

iSearchDetroit was created by local programmer and technology consultant Eric Stajda to help others stay connected better. The app combines over 360 feeds about things happening in Detroit. Stajda says it’s all focused on a positive Detroit.

“I put together the app for two reasons. First is that I have always been a technology a technology person. Therefore, it was a bit learning experience and something fun. Secondly, I wanted to be able to keep up with everything new that was that happening in Detroit,” said Stajda. “I wanted to have lots of answers to the question: what should we do this weekend?”

The app is available on iTunes and Android Play Store. Just search for “ISearchDetroit”. Stajda is aiming to get over 100,000 installs over the next few months. He’s also open to adding more blogs, events, and more to the app as long as it stays with a focus on positive Detroit.  

“The main idea around isearchdetroit is not revolutionary, but it was a way to pull all this information together and help promote all of the good things happening in Detroit,” he said.  “There’s so many things going on and people are really not informed about them.”

Stadja also says it’s a good way to hep promote local businesses, too. Most of the app pulls from local social media site and is updated constantly. Check out the app online here. 

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