Looking for NYE fun? New Events Platform Expands to Detroit

By Amanda Lewan on December 29th, 2014 / Comments

Twelve years ago Jim McCarthy and his co-founders had the idea to transform ecommerce, creating a better way for live events to be distributed online.

At the time, there wasn’t a great way to stay up to date with live events.  The team first tackled marketing events through email targeting people based on what they liked.

“Usually selling tickets for a show is a slow process, and we wanted to speed it up through ecommerce,” said McCarthy. “For us Goldstar is the perfect match for what the internet can do to match people to live events.”

In the early days, they’d see every show they could as they recommended concerts, performances, shows and more to their customers. But the company grew quickly and changed their platform over the next decade. Today, Goldstar is more of a hyper local events site that allows user to follow venues, purchases tickets together with groups, receive special offers, and read very detailed reviews from users on the site.

The reviews function works similar to Yelp, letting you know where to park, what to bring, and other important details about attending as show. Now that Goldstar has expanded to Detroit, their current five million users will be able to connect with events in the Motor City. Detroiters can follow local events and see what’s happening in other cities too.

Why expand to Detroit today? The company is aiming to expand to large metropolitan areas all over the United States and was drawn to the cultural scene in the area. Right now you can sign up for free and view upcoming shows from around Metro Detroit. It’s great if you’re still looking for that special NYE event, or a better way to plan special nights out with friends.

McCarthy also says their platform has helped venues connect to customers, producing hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues for businesses on their website.

Navigating Change Over a Decade

Over the twelve years that Goldstar has grown, Co-founder and CEO Jim McCarthy shared a few words of wisdom. To navigate years of change, McCarthy tells the story of the transistor radio, one of the first radios Sony built itself on. Sony’s goal was to improve people’s lives through technology and the radio got them started down that path.

Flash forward to today, and Sony did not stick to just improving the radio. It wouldn’t have helped them reach their mission. For Goldstar, McCarthy says it’s really about helping people “get out more from the very start.” The methods have changed drastically over the years to include mobile marketing and other strategies, but the mission has stayed the same.

So, what’s the lesson the Goldstar Co-founder always emphasis?

“The more things stay the same strategically, the more things have to change. To keep on the same path you have to match and modify yourself to the world,” he says.

Great advice for startups who must always navigate a sea of constant change. Check out Goldstar’s Detroit page to follow events happening near you.

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