Local Vet Creates Amputee Technology, Raises Funds

By Amanda Lewan on November 18th, 2014 / Comments

Gordon Maniere knew he always wanted to work with amputees. Growing up, his father was an EMT so he was used to seeing a lot of injured folks recovering.

Maniere then went off into the military where he served in Iraq. When he came back decided to formally study prosthetics at Northwestern University. After college he entered the field and immediately saw a gap in the technology used to help amputees.

“I was just not satisfied with the current technology for the socket. It’s the most important part of any prosthetic,” said Maniere. “I knew there had to be a better way.”

Maniere launched Advanced Amputee Solutions to help create the Cushioning Implantable End Pad (CIEP), a polymer-based cushioning device that eliminates pain and discomfort associated with amputated limbs. With a recent $100,000 investment and partnership with Quantum Medical Concepts in Lansing they are now finalizing design and development of the technology.

Quantum Medical Concepts in a partnership with the Michigan State Medical Society and Common Wealth Enterprises is providing early-stage funding for developing medical advances in Michigan.

“Advanced Amputee Solutions is offering exactly the kind of medical innovation we want to foster in Michigan,” said Ben Louagie, COO of the Michigan State Medical Society. “The quicker we can get these products to the market, the quicker the estimated two million Americans with amputated limbs can benefit.”

The leading cause of limb loss is vascular disease including diabetes and peripheral arterial disease (54%) and trauma (45%). Some 25.8 million Americans today have diabetes, with an estimated 285 million suffering around the world. Maniere’s product will help tackle the problem at the beginning during the amputee surgery. It allows the amputee to bear more weight and limits future problems.

Maniere is very enthusiastic that it won’t be too slow of a process to get his technology to the market. He’s on a mission to continue to provide game-changing devices to the world, and we hope to see it happen in Michigan.

“We’re mapping out our regulatory path right now,” said Maniere. “We’re excited about this partnership with Quantum. They are experienced with bringing startup companies to commercialization. Plus our materials are already approved by the FDA.”

Learn more about this Michigan tech startup online at Advance Amputees.


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