Knight Cities Challenge Is Open in Detroit

By Amanda Lewan on October 14th, 2015 / Comments

The Knight Cities Challenge is open again and looking for innovative ideas.

Though any individual, businesses or non-profit can apply for funding their idea, they must submit an idea that advances the community through talent, opportunity, and engagement. All submissions are due October 27th and can be submitted here.

“The thing we like about this challenge is that it’s open to everyone. We want to open our doors to submit their ideas,” said Katy Locker, Program Director for Detroit. “The process is simple, too. It’s just three short paragraphs.”

Lots of entrepreneurial and innovative ideas were awarded last year. With 7,000 applications around the country, Detroit submitted 1,300 ideas and saw five winners totaling around $475,000 in awards. See the winners from last year here.

What exactly does the Knight Foundation hope to see in this year’s winners?

“We try not to set an expectation. But what I would say is that we are looking for new ideas. Not, I’d been doing this for ten years, but a new idea. You can be building something you’ve already tried and testing or learning something new,” Locker said.

Check out more information on this year’s challenge and get your idea in soon!

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