July Call for Hackers and Programmers

By Amanda Lewan on July 9th, 2013 / Comments

Programmers get to have all of the fun. Who else can stay up all night to build away for a museum?

Here are two upcoming events for hackers & programmers this month:

Maker Faire “Hack the Museum”. This hackathon is Saturday, July 27th at the Henry Ford. Programmers will be given the “keys” to the museum, creating an application for the digital collection. Winners will receive a prize and all participants will get free access to the Maker Faire event. Make sure you check out all of the fun at the Maker Faire too.

API Craft Conference. API’s aren’t just the latest thing, they’re a skill any programmer can take with them for their startup or job. Detroit will be hosting an API Craft Conference Monday, July 29th – Wednesday, July 31st at the Madison. The program is designed over the question: Where do we lead the APIs of tomorrow? The cost is $175. Get registered today.

Comment below if there are more upcoming events we should add to this list.

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