Journey Into The Heidelberg Project

By Amanda Lewan on March 15th, 2013 / Comments

Twenty years ago Jenenne Whitfield accidentally took a wrong turn that led towards an entirely new career.

At the time Jenenne Whitfield was climbing the corporate latter in the banking world. When she discovered Tyree’s art project she became fascinated with his work. She quit her job to help Tyree continue his art. Her story is inspiring, and so is the story of the art too.

Over time, I began to realize that the Heidelberg Project provided a unique atmosphere for discussion on the harsh realities of Detroit. Tyree’s urban interventions have opened up dialogue on many of the hard questions Detroit faces such as racism, segregation and poverty that have left deep wounds in the spirit of its people. Tyree says, “You can’t heal the land until you heal the minds of the people.”

True to its history, the Heidelberg Project is an “original” and it is history in the making!

Jenenne is now the Executive Director of Detroit’s infamous Heidelberg Project. Read her story in the Huffington Post Detroit’s: Journey Into The Heidelberg Project.

Check out our interview with Jenenne on Tyree’s Next Vision for Detroit, and also our interview with the Detroit Artist Tyree Guyton where he share’s his views on art, creativity, and universal connect.

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